Radiatorvärmare 150 W

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• Rearing healthy and high numbers of animals is becoming an increasing challenge in animal breeding.
• The key is to offer all of the young animals in a litter a stable level of heat adjusted to their age.
• To ensure that piglets remain healthy from the start and gain weight every day, a temperature requirement for new-born piglets of between 30 and 35 °C is assumed.
• From the 2nd to the 4th weeks of life, the temperature requirement falls to around 26 °C.
• The Radiant Heaters SunnyBoy are designed precisely with these natural requirements in mind:
• The more even radiation of heat generates a larger comfort zone (30 - 35 °C or 26 °C) and therefore the ideal nest environment for all piglets.
• Dimensions: 500 x 220 x 70 mm
• Cable lenght: 2,5 m

The benefits:
• Large comfort zone and therefore the ideal nest environment for the entire litter
• Less stress for piglets
• Better and more balanced development of new-born piglets ensures healthy livestock
• Efficient operation thanks to an overall shorter period of use and potential to reduce the device's output
• The optimised nest environment allows the sty temperature to be reduced and therefore adapter to the needs of the mother sows
• Fast and simple cleaning possible with a high-pressure cleaner (protection type IPX7)
• Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifespan and no need to replace faulty infra-red lamps
• Housing made entirely from stainless steel
• Includes red light